Hello, World!

This is my shout into the deep void called the Internet. Most things in life do seem like that – a shout into the void. Hello, is anybody in there? Please listen.

Everyone has thoughts – exciting thoughts, dull thoughts, and everything in between. And sometimes there are small inklings of light, “daily miracles, illuminations, matches struck unexpectedly in the dark,” as Virginia Woolf says. Little moments that remind us who are are and where we’ve come from, and, if we’re lucky, why we’re here.

I don’t really believe in there being some kind of absolute, ultimate truth of life. I think we each find our own truths, striking matches to illuminate the wonders fate and coincidence have offered to each of us. This blog is my attempt at capturing the light, trapping the fireflies before they flit off. Here you’ll find some of my musings, poetry, prose, essays, occasional reviews on the media I’m consuming, and all manner of other miscellaneous matter. I hope you enjoy! ❤

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