April is the Cruellest Month

Although I’m of the humble opinion that March is worse. It’s the greyness at that time of year, that sagging, slowly aching greyness that really gets to me. Sky the color of a muted, phlegmatic sea on a sunless day. The unmelting, dirty, relentless snow.

March was probably the busiest month for me, what with having to plan everything for school next year and trying to find opportunities for summer a boatload of important tests and assignments on top of it. However, I did manage to get my first poem published in Canvas Literary Mag! And then a few days after that I received an email telling me that is going to appear in the print edition of Teen Ink! I know these aren’t huge publications, but they’ve managed to restore my faith in my ability to write for the time being, and it seems like such a big accomplishment for myself. Trying to not compare myself with others and only focusing on my own personal measure/scale of self-improvement is still a work in progress.

Anyway, I’m so glad the snow is finally starting to melt a bit around here and sunlight is making itself a familiar face again. Spring is coming surely, if not swiftly (and even if there still aren’t any lilacs breeding out of the dead ground). I hope you all are doing well! I hope this month I’ll be able to find the time to blog more often.

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