A forest

Don’t go into the forest.
Here, I’ll tell you why:

Desires have invented new desires
Put up in frames and sold for stinking fortunes.

This is the inexhaustible, systematic
experimentation. It leads to

Infinite riches.

Passionate and precise,
I was ashamed.

What for?
I didn’t know.

My mouth caught perpetually
in movements that gathered and separated.

Gagged with pollen. Confined to the
witches’ hearth. The narrow room.

Which is worse?
a.  Deadly brainwashing
b.  The dead/ailing figure, ruptured with transformations
c.  Eternal rest
d.  B and C only
e.  All of the above

As blood extends into our veins,
we extend ourselves.

Our veritable aesthetic.
Our stream of phantasms.

Our economy of

Our unacknowledged empire.

Go into the forest

        (violently, obsequiously)

                          don’t ever reach an end

Reel from/in your infinities.

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