A knife

These long winter months draw out like a knife
withdrawing from the body of a dead beast.
A cavity is formed; flesh surrounds it.

The temperatures rise and I am suffocated by this
newfound heat. And yet – something makes me shiver.
It is the nightmare of being in one’s own body.

I grow accustomed to darkness;
I assimilate to it.
I erase my own culture of illumination.

These nightmare voices engulf me.
They do not go back to their own blighted shores
after the plunder. They tie my hands,

make me do their dirty work.
They speak of liberty; I know what liberty is.
It is the freedom to be left alone and undisturbed,

completely. But no one leaves me alone.
They drive me to the precipice of hell.
They watch my cavity form. I withdraw.

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