I evade the orbit

I evade the orbit and draw downwards towards dawn. I hold a flower, which I shall now proceed to offer to my invisible lover. The hot air cloys. My feet skim the surface of needless water. The wind stills in my ears. Everything hisses to a burgeoning stop. You firestarter. You sad, wild thing. You gave me moonshivers and lightningcrackles. Put buzzwords into my mouth. Words that hummed and sang like locusts. You placed me amongst the crocuses. I gaped; I gaped. Gasped for air like a child stuck in a hot car, mother browsing the aisles, the parking lot full of cars roaming like lost, hungry beasts. Strangers milling about everywhere. Your fingers like anthills on my second skin. You defy me in the same way I once tried to defy gravity. Where I touch you, you vanish. You absolve ghosthood in your glassgleaming eyes. I seek you like an open palm. The lines etched in six feet deep. I go against your grain. Dig in. Flesh out. Your burning – the stench of polluted fish. Your salt marshes hide innumerable dunes of memory. You speak my body’s vernacular. The heated jargon of something more than this. Your broken syntax pounds the battered doors of my ears.

Again we rearrange words & think we love somehow more cleverly than once we did.

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