On NaPoWriMo

It’s been 12 days since April ended and also since I’ve been writing poetry regularly. I kind of wish I had the motivation to continue trying to write a poem everyday – and maybe I’ll try picking it back up later – but for now I’m tired and prose is starting to look a little more welcome.

Reading back over my NaPoWriMo poems has made me realize both how much I’ve improved with poetry and how much more room for improving I still have (which technically I guess is infinite). Some of the poetry I wrote was much more experimental than I thought I’d ever write, but I think I might explore more forms and structures of poetry before going on to try more form-breaking things so that there’ll be more of an understanding/purpose behind it. It’s also made me realize that I definitely need to read a lot more poetry, which I haven’t been doing lately as much as I would’ve liked. Anyway, I’ve also gotten what I think is my third official publication: some poems of mine are being published in the 2015 issue of Navigating the Maze, a teen poetry anthology! I guess it means that my poetry is getting better, even if I sometimes don’t feel like it is.

2 thoughts on “On NaPoWriMo”

  1. Maybe one a week is an achievable target? That’s still a very healthy fifty-odd poems in a year… I think you should keep experimenting, but also return to the forms and structures and tone which you find best suit what you want to say. There were strong and/or lovely poems among your month’s worth when those things all came together.

    Oh, and we should all read more poetry than we do!

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    1. I think one a week is definitely a good goal, thank you for suggesting it! And thank you so much for reading many of my poems, it was very encouraging. Reading more poetry always makes me feel more inspired to actually write it


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