2015: The Year in Review

The year has gone by so quickly that it’s hard for me to even remember what happened! I started this blog in February in order to encourage myself to write more and read more and possibly find other like-minded people. I’m really glad I’ve kept posting on this blog and it hasn’t become an abandoned project. In terms of school, I managed to get all As for the 2014-15 school year. I’ve passed a certification level for violin with honors, gotten published in three literary magazines, and found myself in new leadership positions I wouldn’t have gained if I hadn’t had the courage to dare. Over the summer, I volunteered at a lab, and even though I was so anxious and scared about it in the weeks leading up to it and on the first day, I really loved it and met so many amazing people there and learned so much, not just about biology and what working in science is like but also that I can help others and be independent and take care of myself without relying on my parents.

My grandfather died in June. Even though it was hard to visit him because he lived in India, one of my biggest regrets is not being able to get to know him better and not having learned enough Telugu to talk to him more often. I also started my junior year, which is much tougher than I expected. I’ve cried so much the past few months over my mother having to travel for work now and grades and tests and not having many friends and not living up to my own expectations – the idea that where I want to be is so far away from where I am now. But now that I’ve gotten used to this school year and sort of figured out how to improve/what I need to do, it’ll hopefully be better in the coming year.

All in all, I don’t think I’ve really changed much in terms of my identity and personality, I’ve just become more… like myself, I guess. Anyway, here’s to a great 2016! What were some of your accomplishments this year?

5 thoughts on “2015: The Year in Review”

  1. I guess I just became more mature – I did some STUPID things this year, but I grew from them. I’ll do stupid things next year, and it scares me, but I’ll ALWAYS learn from it.


    1. haha, I did some stupid things as well, and I think by learning from these stupid things we become more mature. Here’s to another year of learning from stupid things, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  2. Dang your year seemed filled, with both the good and bad.
    I understand what you mean when you say you’ve become more like yourself, I have that same feeling too. It’s like sitting back and becoming more comfortable with who you are – well at least for me.
    I hope I become more courageous, because that always leads to great things – I envy you for working in a lab, I’m trying to get work experience in one some time soon.
    I hope you have a great year next year! Positive vibes all around! 🙂 Luna!

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    1. I agree – it’s definitely that feeling of becoming more comfortable with who you are. Good luck with becoming more courageous & like yourself & working in a lab in 2016! Thanks for leaving a comment, Luna! 🙂


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