Hokusai Exhibition & MFA

Last April my dad and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, which I love visiting and hadn’t gone to in a while (I think the last time I went was to see the Chihuly exhibition). There were so many families with lots of younger children because it was April break, and the line to get in went out of the front entrance, all the way down the stairs, and out onto the sidewalk in front of the building! I meant to make a blog post about going there in April but I guess I forgot until I rediscovered these pictures sitting around on my computer a few days ago and thought it would still be nice to make a blog post with them.

Leonardo da Vinci and follower, Head of a Young Woman, about 1500-10

This was from an exhibition called Leonardo da Vinci and the Idea of Beauty, featuring drawings by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. The sketches were so interesting to see, especially since da Vinci was a scientist and inventor, and many of these drawings were almost scientific studies of beauty. There was a poem by da Vinci that I especially liked; I wish I’d written it down at the time.

Then we went to the Hokusai exhibition. Katsushika Hokusai (1760–1849) was a Japanese painter and printmaker during Japan’s Edo period, and he was one of the first Japanese artists to be recognized internationally.

The first painting is Three Women Playing Musical Instruments by another Japanese artist during the early-mid 1800s, Katsushika Oi, and a collection of Japanese instruments from that time period they had on display, similar to the ones the women in the painting are playing.

Here are some of Hokusai’s famous woodblock prints, Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji. It’s so funny because I’d always pictured The Great Wave to be a huge, grand painting, but it’s smaller than a sheet of printer paper. The series shows the mountain from different vantage points, times of day, weather conditions, etc. I wish I’d gotten to take pictures of all of them.

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And here are some more Hokusai prints/works from the exhibition:

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Then we went around to look at the other exhibits. They had a bunch of really beautiful flower arrangements, such as this one:


There was a large collection of John Singer Sargent works in the American art wing. I loved looking at all of the portraits, like these two:

There was also a large collection of European silverware, glassworks, and ceramics. The teapots, of course, were my favorites.

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Some sculpture:

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These were some American and European paintings. I especially loved the Monet and van Gogh collections.

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I found two paintings next to each other with these two figures and thought it was rather funny.

And finally, here is some contemporary art:

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Overall, I really loved going there and hopefully I’ll be able to go again soon! I hope everyone’s been having a lovely day!

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