New Year Goals

I don’t know if these are resolutions, per se, but every new year I like to set some goals for the upcoming year – too ambitious, as always, but I did manage to accomplish about half of last year’s so I think if I do the same this year, I’ll be happy.

  • write at least 500 words every day
  • submit to more literary magazines/contests
  • read all the books on my reading list
  • stick with the new schedule in order to better manage time
  • practice violin regularly
  • be happy/healthy & make new friends at college; focus on my studies, don’t be afraid to ask for help/talk to other people
  • write in diary every day
  • at least 1 blog post a week
  • learn something new, like a new language
  • exercise, meditate, eat healthy, drink more water, travel
  • make use of time; don’t sit around moping, waiting, doing nothing
  • try to be kinder to others, and to myself
  • love

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