The 21 Day Poetry Challenge

As part of an effort to incentivize myself to write more poetry and experiment more with different types of poetic forms, I have decided to start a poetry challenge in the spirit of all those Internet challenges that have become so notorious popular within the past year and welcome anyone and everyone to join along with me! Also, don’t feel pressured to do the forms in order or to do one everyday – that’s just for those who want a more… challenging challenge. I’ve included links for more info on these different forms.

  1. Haiku
  2. Ballad
  3. Limerick
  4. Sestina
  5. Sonnet
  6. Villanelle
  7. Pantoum
  8. Ghazal
  9. Couplets
  10. Ottava Rima
  11. Terza Rima
  12. Rhymed Stanza
  13. Tercet
  14. Quatrain
  15. Ode
  16. Pastoral
  17. Aubade
  18. Elegy
  19. Epithalamion
  20. Ars Poetica
  21. Ekphrasis

Happy writing, everyone! Let me know if you find this in any way inspiring! c: For those of you who want to learn more about poetic forms, I highly recommend the The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Poetic Forms, and also Mary Oliver’s A Poetry Handbook as a general very helpful book of valuable poetry advice.

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