Post-Truth and Alternative Fact in the First Week of Trump’s Presidency

Where I live, we’ve only had a couple real snow this winter, and considering that it’s already late-January, I can’t help but feel slightly scared when I recall the snow-filled winters of my childhood here and compare them to the landscape outside, where it still looks like autumn. At the confirmation hearing for Scott Pruitt, Trump’s nominee for head of the EPA, Pruitt responded to Bernie Sanders’ question of whether climate change is caused by human activity by stating “the climate is changing and human activity contributes to that in some manner,” and later on, “I believe the ability to measure with precision the degree of human activity’s impact on the climate is subject to more debate on whether the climate is changing or whether human activity contributes to that.” Over the past decade, the rate of global sea level rise has nearly doubled that of the entire last century. 2016 broke the previous year’s record for warmest year, which itself had broken 2014’s record.

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